From Planning Searches to reports on the planning application.

The planning system in Spain stems from Civil Law jurisdiction, a codified system based upon the Civil Code. As approved inspectors, we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the intrincacies of the planning process, while taking responsibility for checking and verifying compliance with policy and regulations. Whether you are looking for planning permission for a fit-out project or in the hunt for Grade A office space, we offer a wide range of procedures to suit your needs.


It can be challenging for foreign investors to manage the planning process within the Spanish legal framework. The content of a planning application and the appropiate supporting documentation will vary according to the specific regulations set up at municipal, regional and national levels.

Upon request, ecium will issue a preliminary report setting out a list of considerations relating to the application, including the planning file, whether previous planning permissions have been implemented, enforcement proceedings, etc.


We intend to promote best practice at every stage in the planning and development process with the added value of dealing directly with English-speaking stakeholders.

By streamlining this process, our clients save time and money as there´s no need of spending time travelling to Spain or hiring an external consultant to liaise with Public Administration. This will guarantee that projects adhere to planning and building regulations, while providing high quality investments.


Our business is built on trust and integrityecium never takes shortcuts when it comes to planning.

Many factors influence the outcome of planning applications, but only an accredited Urban Entity or ECU with the right skills and experience will not compromise its integrity by making promises to shorten the process.

Our work is subject to the continuous scrutiny of public bodies and the National Accreditation Body operating in Spain (ENAC). We ´walk the talk´of ethics in all what we do.